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History of Lynwood USD Personnel Commission


The Merit System was first voted into this District in the year of 1966, thereby ushering in the oversight of meritorious hiring practices by the Personnel Commission. The Personnel Commission of Lynwood Unified School District administers rules, regulations, and procedures to ensure that the most highly qualified classified employees are selected, retained, and promoted on the basis of merit, in support of the District’s schools to help certificated staff provide the best services and educational programs for Lynwood Unified School District students. To provide excellent services to Lynwood Unified School District, in support of the classified service to promote student achievement, the Director of Classified Personnel is directed by the Commission to carry out day-to-day responsibilities of the Commission and to oversee and delegate responsibilities to Commission staff.

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Lynwood first initiated a school for educating students in 1893 and became a unified district in 1950. Lynwood USD currently educates approximately 17,000 students and is comprised of two high schools, a continuation school, three middle schools, twelve elementary schools, an adult school, two child care centers, twelve pre-schools, and an after school program. Approximately 1000 classified staff are employed in support of these educational programs.

Lynwood City has an approximate population of 63,000 and is part of the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. It is located at the apex of the 105 Freeway and 710 Freeway, and is 12 miles south of Los Angeles and 11 miles north of Long Beach.