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Welcome from Director & Commissioners

Welcome to the official website for the Personnel Commission and Classified Personnel Department at Lynwood Unified School District (USD). The Lynwood USD Personnel Commission and Classified Personnel Department work to establish policies, practices, and procedures serving and affecting classified employees (currently there are approximately 1000 classified employees) within Lynwood USD, in the areas of personnel both directly and indirectly related to recruitment, assessment, retention, training, evaluation, professional development, classification, and compensation. The Lynwood USD Personnel Commission and Classified Personnel Department are dedicated to the establishment and execution of fair and equitable employment practices in the effort to hire the most qualified classified support staff assisting in the education of Lynwood USD students. 

In encompassing and incorporating the basic principles of merit, the Personnel Commission and Classified Personnel Department are ultimately dedicated to enabling the strategic interconnectedness of all personnel practices. This enables the establishment of a cost efficient organization that promotes employee development and continuous learning, whereby the needs of the District, District employees, and surrounding community are not only all simultaneously met, but are met in the most modern and innovative manner possible. 

The Personnel Commission provides assistance to the Board of Education, Superintendent of Schools, District, Site Administration and District staff to ensure that the practices and principles of the Merit System are upheld, while simultaneously providing quality services to ensure proper support is provided to the District’s schools. 

The Personnel Commission is an independent body composed of three persons appointed for three-year staggered terms. Personnel Commissioners are invested and committed community members who must be known adherents of the principles of the Merit System, thereby helping to ensure the highest qualified employees and employment practices related to classified staff within the jurisdiction of the Commission. 

The Personnel Commission is responsible for maintaining a Merit System for classified employees of the School District and for fostering the advancement of a career service for such employees. To execute these responsibilities, the State Education Code provides that the Personnel Commissioners shall classify positions, recommending salary ranges to the Board of Education based on the principle of like pay for like work, hearing appeals of disciplinary and dismissal matters and protests involving examinations; conducting fair and objective recruitment, selection, and appointment procedures that result in the establishment of eligibility lists to fill vacancies with qualified support staff; and prescribing rules and regulations related directly and indirectly to such described personnel practices. Description of the Personnel Commission functions are provided in Sections 45220 through 45320 of the California Education Code.

Terms of office for Commissioners are three years. Current appointment dates and Commission positions for Lynwood USD are as follows:



Commissioner Title Current Term Expires Appointed by
Ms. Maria Quiñonez Chairperson  12/2016 CSEA Appointee  
Mr. José Luis Solache Vice-Chairperson   12/2017 Board of Education
Mr.Oscar Moreno Member   12/2018 Joint Appointee